Children Suffering Loss

When a change takes place in the family, whether it is through death, divorce, separation or abandonment, it has a profound effect on the whole family. Children as well as adults grieve over the absence of a loved one who was once a part of their everyday life. 

RAINBOWS is a non-profit support group for children who have experienced a significant loss. Frequently children are not able to express their grief or hesitate to do so at home for fear of adding to the family pain. Consequently it may surface in their behavior, school work or even as a physical ailment. Even children who appear well adjusted are often struggling inside. The purpose of this program is to provide these children an opportunity to meet other children who have had similar experiences and offer them a place to sort through their feelings and hopefully to come to a healthy acceptance of what has happened in their family. 

Children gather by age in small groups once a week for six weeks each semester. The program is
NOT counseling or therapy, but rather peer support facilitated by trained adult volunteers. There is never a fee for RAINBOWS participation. 

For more information, contact: 

Arlene Booker, Coordinator

Our Lady of Lourdes School, Taunton




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