Married Before - ReMarriage Prep

When EITHER the male or the female partner has been previously married, the engaged couple faces some special challenges in preparing for a lifetime together. This is especially true when either or both partners already have children. Because the Church wishes couples the best of married and family life, the Diocese of Fall River provides a program designed especially to assist those couples where one or both have been married before.  

Working with a team couple (who are themselves remarried) participants are encouraged to examine subjects, which include: 

Bringing closure to the previous marriage

The effect of our backgrounds

Challenges and joys of remarriage

Marital intimacy

Effective communication

Family blending or becoming parents

Relationship with God...and much more

The goal is to stimulate thought and discussion about the future and to offer tools which can help to build a strong marriage. 

Prior to meeting with the team couple the engaged couple will complete some preparation exercises. 

To register for remarriage preparation, couples should fill out the registration form and indicate Remarriage in the space "Program Chosen." You will be contacted to set a date.

You can Register On-Line for this program.

Speak to the priest or deacon preparing you for marriage, or call our office, if you have any questions regarding the ReMarriage Preparation Program.

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