Regional & National Organizations & Events



New England Catechetical Diocesan Directors of Religious Education

The mission of the New England Conference of Diocesan Directors of Religious Education (NECDDRE) is to generate, promote and support quality catechesis for all Catholics in New England. The vision of the New England Conference of Diocesan Directors of Religious Education is on-going mutual support among conference members, advocacy for all its constituency on regional and national issues as well as collaboration and communication with the New England Bishops. 

Conference Goals

  • To provide mutual support among conference members
  • To advocate for catechetical issues regionally and nationally
  • To improve communication between the Conference and the New England bishops



National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers  

NACFLM strives to implement a vision of family ministry encompassing the entire life cycle.

In response to God’s word revealed through all generations, the members of NACFLM join together:

  • to offer support and professional enrichment for those who minister to and with families.
  • to be a voice and advocate for families and family ministry
  • to promote the development of family life ministry on all levels of the Church.
  • to foster a family perspective in Church and Society.



National Association for Lay Ministry

NALM is dedicated to providing vision, voice, leadership, and advocacy for lay ministers and for the development of lay ministry in the Catholic Church. We do this through fostering and supporting the spiritual and theological formation, training, and ongoing development of career and volunteer lay ministers.

NALM traces its roots to 1976 when a group of lay people, vowed religious, and clergy began meeting annually to share their expertise and to support each other in the common goal of establishing and improving programs of lay ministry formation throughout the United States. Five years later in 1981, a visionary group formally established NALM. Today, the original vision has expanded to include lay ministers serving parishes, diocesan offices, higher education, healthcare, and prisons throughout the U.S. and world.



National Conference for Catechetical Leadership 

NCCL has been a leader in Catholic religious education in the United States since 1967. It is dedicated to bringing the teaching ministry of Jesus to every Catholic child, youth and adult.

NCCL grew out of the early Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) movement in this country, with roots going back to 1934. Its members represent the full spectrum of catechetical leadership: bishops, pastors, diocesan and parish directors of religious education, academics and publishers of catechetical materials. Today, it is the only independent national organization exclusively dedicated to serving the church's catechetical mission in the United States.

More than 90% of all dioceses/eparchies are members of NCCL, along with nine diocesan/provincial associations of parish catechetical leaders and Catholic publishing houses.

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National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

NFCYM supports and strengthens those who accompany young people as they encounter and follow Jesus Christ.

NFCYM looks to a future when young people see themselves as children of God who live as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ; when the gifts, struggles and diverse realities of young people are welcomed in Catholic faith communities; when pastoral ministry leaders have embraced the joy of the Gospel, and when families are living as the domestic Church.

The NFCYM commits to advancing the field of pastoral ministry to young people by:

  • Forming, equipping, and supporting pastoral leaders in their ministry to young people and their families.
  • Modeling and fostering a ministry of acompañamiento among young people of all cultures, languages, socioeconomic and geographic realities.
  • Partnering with parents and equipping families of young people as they witness to Jesus Christ in their daily lives.

As a Catholic organization, we act in accord with these values:

  • Guidance of the Holy Spirit discerned through prayer
  • Fidelity to the mission and teaching of the Church
  • Ministry rooted in prayer and Sacraments
  • Communion with the bishops of the United States
  • Dignity and giftedness of each person
  • Inherent goodness, and unique gifts and charisms of all young people
  • Baptismal call of each person to discipleship, mission, and holiness
  • Richness of diversity
  • Promotion of justice and peace
  • Wisdom of shared leadership and collaboration
  • Responsible stewardship of our resources
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